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The Popular Pioneer, LLC  
We are a full time professional licensed and Insured business that sells personal property in Vermont and throughout New England. With the capability to reach thousands of buying customers you can put your trust in us!!

Why Us?
We sell through multiple outlets with extensive advertising. Rated Number one in quality customer care.  Auctioning off your property or having an Estate Sale? We evaluate and estimate your items to determine what's more profitable.


Phone- 802.353.8825
Location- 1236 Rt 4 Rutland Town, VT 05701

"Finding the truth and honesty in items is the adventure and challenge we seek out."

Michael Bishop owner of The Popular Pioneer LLC, began his journey into the antique business on the island of Nantucket in 2010. On a casual day off from his daily job he ventured to a local estate sale where he purchased a single item he found rather intriguing. A small corner chair had caught his attention and he wondered what its story was. Mike knew that the island of Nantucket had rich history, and he longed to know where this chair had been, and if it was of any value. He immediately brought this chair to a well known antique dealer Jack Fritsch, Who became a mentor, to see what he could tell him about it. Jack told him the chair was worth 10 times what he had paid. From there on Mikes passion grew and he began to collect and study a variety of antiques, art work and collectibles. In 2016 he opened his first antique shop and with in a year he grew and expanded to a new location. Shortly after that Mike open his own auction house!   

" I am fortunate to have lived in an area where there are so many talented and experienced antique dealers. The truth is you will never stop learning."


                                                                                                                      Michael Bishop

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